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Meet the team behind us

Based in one of London’s leading skyscrapers in the heart of the world financial hub, there is no better place to learn the key skills of succeeding in today’s harsh world of finance. Starting out as 16 year old apprentices, Tom Georgie and Alfie have been through the rollercoaster journey of employment in a ruthless city environment and succeeded, Cremello Connect is here to help you do the same with significant shortcuts.

A warm, friendly, caring team of Experts will navigate you through a week or two weeks of work and life lessons and turn you from a confused student with no direction into a city professional ready for an interview at one of London’s highest paced jobs. We prepare young people for success and turn dream jobs into reality.

We are real people that have been through the real world facing the ups and downs in work and we are here to pass on our experiences to help you become the very best success you can be in the quickest way possible. There is no time to waste, lets jumpstart your career today!