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What will I get out of the course?

Learn skills and gain experience built usually over years of work in the city in just one to two weeks

Connect Courses teach the qualities needed to succeed in high paced high paying jobs. Not only does each candidate walk away with new skills, vital experience on their CV and an interview in a financial services company, the course is full of fun and exciting twists which students never had at college or school.

What’s the catch? YOU CANT FAIL!

Interview Preparation

Scared of interviews? Felt intimated by big bosses? We’ll have you feeling your most confident self the next time you walk into the boardroom.

Work Experience

Not got that job because you lack experience? Complete a one or two week course with us and instantly add work experience to your CV at Tower 42 in one of London’s fastest growing Financial Institutions.

Personal Development

What path should you take? Most school leavers are still unsure on their career path, during your course explore different industries and City based roles to find your best fit.

Financial Guidance

Finished education and still have no idea on Finance as an adult? We know schools do not educate young people enough on tax, credit, mortgages. Learn from self-taught business owners that had the same problem, so you don’t have that problem.

Guaranteed Interviews

Struggling to get an interview? Hit a one or two week Connect Course and at the end, have a guaranteed interview with a London based FX trader, insurance brokerage, law firm or recruitment agency.

Fasttrack Apprentice

Feel like you or your teenager is ready for City life already? Visit our apprenticeship page and start your success story today.

Getting Started Accent

Across our course we will turn you into the perfect candidate and have you ready to start your journey to becoming CEO. How are we going to do it:

Interview Impeccably

  • Champion cover letter
  • Apply admirably for the right job
  • Standing out from the crowd
  • Real interview role plays
  • Perfect personal presentation
  • Overcome objections
  • Guaranteed interview in city

Win at Work

  • How to impress your manager in the right way
  • Conducting yourself professionally and correctly
  • Tiptop telephone skills
  • Writing an exceptional email
  • Master a meeting 

Choosing a Career

  • Identifying and enhancing your best skills
  • Identifying your weaknesses and turning them into wins
  • Industry knowledge and understanding
  • Laws across industry
  • Choose a career to suit your qualities
  • Exceed rather than stall in the right environment

Personal Development

  • Taking care of tax
  • Flourish your finances
  • Goal grabbing
  • Time and workload management
  • Being cautious with credit
  • General do’s and don’ts
  • Life skills not taught at school
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